Therapist Intern

Education & Certifications



Amy is a dedicated and compassionate individual currently working as a clinical mental health intern and a middle school counseling intern. She possesses a strong educational foundation and has developed an understanding of psychological theories, therapeutic techniques, and ethical practices. Amy has an empathetic nature and strives to establish a safe and trusting environment for clients. She understands the significance of active listening and cultivates a non-judgmental atmosphere, ensuring that individuals feel heard, understood, and supported. Amy is a firm believer in the power of therapy and has a dedicated, professional, and genuine care for the well-being of others and is committed to empowering individuals, promoting resilience, and fostering lasting change. 

When not at work or school, Amy enjoys spending time with her husband and kids, camping, hiking, watching movies, and playing word games. She loves the Utah Jazz, Disneyland, traveling, reading, and summertime. 

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